You lost your originals from a past job — If you left your prior employer on bad terms or they are not in business anymore, you may need to show a pay stub.
You are self employed — If you get paid directly from your customers for services or products, then you don’t give yourself a paycheck stub, you just use your money earned as income, examples are lawn care, massage therapy, ebay or amazon sellers.
Novelty paystubs
Privacy — You don’t want everyone knowing where you work. (adult entertainment)
Educational Purposes
Dreams — hang up the paystubs of your dreams – look at it daily, and aim for that result
Movie Props — Movies are more and more real nowadays, so, everything down to the final detail must be perfect, or the critics will eat you alive
Gag — Have some fun with some fun numbers, make your friends or loved ones think you’re rich.
Parents / Spouse — Don’t have a job, but your parents or spouse wants you out of the house or “get off your lazy a**”. Then make one here, and tell them to shove it, and stop pestering you.


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